About Us


Heya! Thank you for your interest in Nibbles! We are very glad that you are taking the time to know us.

Our most fundamental vision is to bring joy to dogs and cats. We want to be instrumental in helping you build a great relationship with your fur buddies, and this means providing top notch pet products to enhance your pets’ lives. We are focused on expanding the availability of these products that can be found in Singapore so that your pet always has something new to look forward to!

But being the animal lovers that we are, we really can’t stop at fur buddies who already have loving homes (with all of you!). We want to go a step further and raise awareness for our fur buddies who are without a loving home.

That’s the reason behind the close partnership we have with rescue organizations such as the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand and the Metta Cats and Dogs Sanctuary in Singapore. A portion of our total revenues (gross sales, not just profits!) goes to support their worthy causes.

You can be guaranteed that for every purchase, a part of it goes straight back to our beloved dogs and cats. We hope that in this small way, we can all make a difference together, and bring joy to as many fur buddies as we can!

To find out more about how we are giving back to help, click here!


Nibbles Relationship Management Team

Who Am I?
Hi there! People often call me Patrick. I am a family man who has one daughter and one wife (absolutely). I live in a small yet cozy house in Indonesia. Although it is cozy, but I think having a bigger house is still better. Ha ha ha. ️That's why I make a plan to provide a bigger house for my beloved family.

What is good customer service?
One requirement to be good customer service is having a customer-obsession attitude. This attitude will enable us to make sure that we are not only answering their questions but also assisting them to achieve their intention successfully.

Why I decided to join Nibbles?
This company has a really big chance to keep growing in the future. I can find a lot of good differences that Nibbles offer if we compare it with other pet supplies company, even with the companies which have different market segments. Here, each customer is treated very well as if they are the only customer that Nibbles has. It is a blessing for me to be a part of Nibbles.
Patrick's Certification
Who Am I?
I am the only child of my family, my Dad passed away 6 years ago. I lived with my mom, yes just two of us. I have been working for about 7 years as customer service. Now I am 27 yo and I plan to renovate my dad's house. That's why I worked so hard hehe.

What is good customer service?
The most important for being customer service is be able to hear any concern of customers. Try to walk on their shoes and give them the best solution. Which means, the solution given must solve the customer problem but not dragging down the business.

Why I decided to join Nibbles?
I see a big opportunity here. A chance to learn and feel new experience working with team from another country. I expect to learn new working culture and new insight especially for customer service.
Sulis' Certification

Who Am I?
Hiyya, I'm Siska, a devoted cat butler. While I'm known as an extrovert, I find solace in the quiet corners of coffee shops, where the aroma of freshly brewed magic envelops me. I have a dream to make a comfortable place for me to rest, a house that has a large yard with lots of sunflower and hortensia.

What is good customer service?
Good customer service is all-encompassing. It honors the person in front of you as a whole. Good customer service goes beyond addressing just the immediate issue. It involves considering the entire customer experience, from the first interaction to post-purchase support.

Why I decided to join Nibbles?
Being part of Nibbles allows me to not only witness its expansion firsthand but also to actively contribute to its development. This is an ideal moment for me to broaden my expertise in the field of services, as the company's growth trajectory can offer valuable insights and experiences that will undoubtedly enrich my professional capabilities.

Social Media / Graphics Designer

Who Am I?
Hello, I am Banyu from Indonesia. I have been working as a graphic designer for social media for 3 years. I am a hardworking individual who always seeks to learn new things. I work diligently because I want to contribute to helping my family.

What it takes to be a good social media manager cum graphics designer
A good graphic designer must be creative, imaginative and they must be able to apply that imagination into their work. Always embracing new ideas from others. As the graphic design industry evolves a great designer will be the one to keep up with all new developments to get ahead of latest trends.A good social media manager possesses a blend of creativity, analytical abilities, and excellent communication skills. Ability to develop and implement a comprehensive social media strategy that aligns with business goals and create engaging, high-quality content that resonates with the target audience.

Why I decided to join Nibbles?
I recognize a tremendous opportunity ahead—an opportunity to gain valuable experience by collaborating with a team from a different country. I am eager to absorb new working cultures and insights as a graphic designer and social media manager. This chance to learn and grow excites me greatly.
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