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Our vision is to make all cats, dogs, and their owners happy

Nibbles means having FUN!

Nibbles word cloud with Fun being the largest word

We are on a mission to build a community of pet parents to share our common passion for pets

More than just a store, Nibbles aims to provide pet owners with a happy and trusted space to get the best for their pets, and to share their joy and friendships with other pet parents in Singapore. We use online spaces to shorten distances and physical boundaries, in order to connect people who loves animals to each other.

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Nibbles Relationship Management Team

Who Am I:
Hi there! People often call me Patrick. I am a family man who has one daughter and one wife (absolutely). I live in a small yet cozy house in Indonesia. Although it is cozy, but I think having a bigger house is still better. Ha ha ha. ️That's why I make a plan to provide a bigger house for my beloved family.

Be a good customer service:
One requirement to be good customer service is having a customer-obsession attitude. This attitude will enable us to make sure that we are not only answering their questions but also assisting them to achieve their intention successfully.

Why I decided to join Nibbles:
This company has a really big chance to keep growing in the future. I can find a lot of good differences that Nibbles offer if we compare it with other pet supplies company, even with the companies which have different market segments. Here, each customer is treated very well as if they are the only customer that Nibbles has. It is a blessing for me to be a part of Nibbles.

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