Message from Tommy-boy


My name is Tom. I’m a 4.5 year old boy! The volunteers at Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary call me Tommy-boy when I’m cute and “THOMAS!” when I’m cheeky. hehe.

I’m very loving and attention seeking! I will bite the grilles on my gate if volunteers walk past without patting my head (how can, right?) but once they give me attention, I will wag my tail non-stop and ask for pats and head rubs.

Recently I developed a skin condition, and the volunteers told me they will start to look for a loving foster home for me to heal ☹ this is because the shelter’s floors are washed twice a day to keep the place clean… but it means that my skin condition won’t heal fast. I’m sad to leave my fellow doggos and loving hoomans but I am a brave boy so I’ll do my best!

A couple of weeks ago, one of my sisters died. Her name is Vera… it was very sad. The hoomans cried a lot because it was so sudden. One moment she was fine and bouncing around, the next moment she had a hit and passed on. Shelter life can be so sad sometimes. I hope Vera is watching us from heaven. We miss you, Vera!

How about some good news now! My friends from the cats side have some happy news. One of them, a ginger cat called O2, finally got adopted – after getting returned by 2 families because they couldn’t cope with his flu and FIV condition. I’m so happy he finally got his forever home!! And another long-time resident, Tam Tam, also went for his home trial. Hopefully his family will adopt him after that!

Anyway, here I am, waiting for my turn! I am looking for someone patient and understanding – I have been through A LOT of traumas in my short life ☹ but my devoted hoomans can attest that once I get to know you, I’m a cute cheeky waggy-tailed boy! Come and see me sooooooon!

By the way, big news for all of us at Metta, we will be moving to a new location very soon! Sadly our current home will be taken back for redevelopment. So, if you'd like to contribute to our relocation fund, pls visit our website for the link!

Thank you!


Woof Woof,
Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary

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