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Help a Stray

A portion of our revenue are donated to animal welfare shelters
Nibbles believes in making all dogs and cats happy.. even those without a family.

Cats and dogs may be abandoned or left stranded for various reasons: illness, neglect, or loss of interest. Animal shelters provide relief for them, but due to a lack of funds and manpower, they have limited spaces.

For every purchase that you make with Nibbles, we donate a portion to these animal shelters and non-profits to help our furry friends.

Organizations that we support

Soi Dog Foundation

Saving Asia’s Dogs and Cats

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Proud to support Soi Dog Foundation

Soi Dog Foundation’s mission is to Improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Asia, resulting in better lives for both the animal and human communities, to create a society without homeless animals and to ultimately end animal cruelty.

Soi Dog responds to emergency situations across the region, helping dogs and cats affected by natural or man-made disasters, and was instrumental in seeing the horrendous dog meat trade abolished in Thailand and the introduction of new animal welfare laws that came into effect in 2014. Active efforts to end the trade continue today in Vietnam, Cambodia and South Korea.

Dedicated to the treatment of stray animals, the sanctuary in Phuket is home to the most advanced shelter dog and cat hospitals in Southeast Asia that handle over 400 new admissions every month. The hospitals have a team of full-time veterinarians and welcome vet volunteers from all over the world.

A Tribute to Gill Dalley of the Soi Dog Foundation

Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary

To provide a safe haven for injured, abused, or abandoned animals

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Established in 1999, the mission of Metta Cats and Dogs Sanctuary is to provide a safe haven for injured, abused, or abandoned animals. The sanctuary is also where old and special needs animals can live out the remainder of their days in safety and comfort.

The sanctuary started with 50 cats and now houses more than 200 rescued cats and dogs. Many of the residents lived a harsh existence on the streets before Mdm Lee took them in. For the animals, Metta Cats and Dogs Sanctuary is the only home that they have ever known.

The sanctuary must raise about $26,000 every month to keep it going. This amount excludes the high cost of medical care. Currently, the sanctuary relies heavily on donations and fundraising events to survive.

Visit their website to donate, sponsor or adopt cats or dogs.

More organizations upcoming..
Contact us if you are an animal welfare organization, we would love to collaborate with you!

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