Message from Bailey

Hi everyone! I'm Bailey! My adoring fans call me Baileygirl or BaiBai. Some of them also say I'm a bit chonky but I prefer "sturdy and well-built" ok!

My best feature is my walk. I have a cute swinging butt and short legs so ermmm I prefer not to walk too much, thank you very much. Chilling and cuddling at home is much more my vibe! Short walks only please! Any fellow chillax hoomans out there? I will reward you with lots of licks and kisses, I'm known to be quite generous in that regard! (But I'm quite shy at first so give me a chance to warm up!)

But enough about me, let me tell you about what's happening at Mettacats and Dogs! I heard from my catto friends that they went for ANOTHER outing at East Coast Park, Parkland Green last weekend. It's a Cat Day Out and we got some interest for our cattos! Sounds fun and I hope there will be a doggy one too.

Apart from that, we have all been very well. We welcomed a few new kitty friends! One father, mother, daughter family called Jerry, Curly and Terri; two kitten siblings called Miso and Nori and 1 girl kitten called Toesie! The young ones are sooooo cute but they are too tiny to be vaccinated and sterilised so we gotta wait for them to grow up a lil bit before we re-home them. Watch this space and follow their shenanigans on our IG mcds_adoptions please :)

Alright, I'm sleepy now and wanna go snooze with my friends. Wanna come see me soon?

With love,

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