Message from Happy

Hello! My name is Happy and I'm probably around 10 years old! I was rescued several years ago with my very heavily pregnant mummy, Precious. I was the only surviving puppy of her previous litter. My poor mummy Precious was not sterilised so she kept getting pregnant, and unfortunately because of the very bad environment we were living in, most of her puppies died. Except me, I'm a survivor! After we were brought to Mettacats and Dogs Sanctuary I felt so relieved because we now have shelter, regular meals, clean water and hoomans who love us!

Hey did you know, my mom gave birth to several puppies here? Many of them have since been adopted out. I'm not sure if I'll ever get adopted though. I'm still very wary of hoomans because of my past. I've never been aggressive, I'm just very skittish and I'm not used to being touched. But I'm improving slowly as the hoomans here have not given up on me! Btw a fun fact about me is that the hoomans named me Happy because they hope I will have a happy life, especially after my rough early years.

I've had a couple of health scares before, I had UTI a couple years ago and recently I had a lump on my leg but both have been resolved and I'm now doing well. This festive season is my FAVOURITE because I get special treats and home cooked food. I'm a picky eater but recently I've been polishing off my plate, yay!

My wishes for 2024 are that me and my shelter mates will continue to have enough food and love. And that all the stray dogs everywhere will be treated with kindness and care.

I'm looking for a food sponsor, by the way! If you'd like to be one of my sponsors for $80/month, contact @mcds_adoptions for more info! Or you can simply continue purchasing from! can do BOTH! haha!

As Happy, I'm wishing you a HAPPY 2024!


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