Message from Kenji

Hello everyone!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful joy-filled Lunar New Year! My name is Kenji and I’m a 1+ year old little boy at Mettacats and Dogs Sanctuary!

This year is the Year of the Rabbit in Singapore, but did you know that in Vietnam, they are celebrating the Year of the Cat? That means it’s MY year! (and also the year for all my kitty shelter mates hehe)

My wish for the Year of the Cat is of course, that I’ll be able to meet my forever family! I am a young, energetic, fun-filled boy who longs to be loved and receive attention from my own hoomans. I was abandoned when I was a kitten, but luckily some awesome people rescued me and brought me here.

So far, I have been passed over by adoption viewers because I am “too energetic”. I get too excited and enthusiastic when I play, and sometimes might bite or scratch people. Many people have fearfully dismissed me as a “problematic” or “violent” cat but it’s far from the truth! Biting and scratching are very normal ways for cats to express our natural hunting instinct and that tends to happen when we’re excited about playing! We are just mimicking how we would normally pounce, grab and bite their prey in the wild. But, most cats would learn their “manners” by playing this way with our littermates and mothers and learn to tone down. Unfortunately I was thrown out by my family when I was a tiny kitten, so I never had the chance to do so.

My hooman volunteers tell me to cheer up and tell me to keep my hopes up! They are now teaching me manners and how to play nicely. I think I am progressing well and soon I’ll be just as good at playing as the other cats! So that means I will be ready for a home. I’m so excited.

The hoomans also asked me to say that everyone at Mettacats & Dogs is settling in nicely. We recently said goodbye to our dearest old granny Ginmei, who died of some neurological conditions. I was sad too, she was in an enclosure near me and I saw how bravely she struggled. The hoomans cried and were very sad, but we have sent her off with flowers and love.

Ok, I see a hooman coming over with a new toy so I’m gonna play now! I hope that this year, my cat friends and I will have a chance to have a happy home of our very own where we can play nonstop with our hoomans.



Kenji, the ginger cat from MCDS!

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