Message from Lorraine

Hi everyone!

My name is Lorraine, and I’m a 13+ year old granny! The past few weeks have been an action-packed time at Metta! The doggos and cattos at Metta met some enthusiastic new volunteers who reached out via social media and their schools. They were welcomed with lots of fresh poop but I’m glad to report that the volunteers did a good job cleaning the kennels and even took the doggos on nice walkies. Another exciting thing we did recently was celebrating the Mid-Autumn festival! Sadly we were not allowed to hold the lanterns but everyone got some home-baked beef, chicken, pork and salmon mooncakes and lots of special treats from one of our talented supporters!

Anyway, did you notice that my background is different? That’s right! I’m lounging around at my fav hooman’s home. Last year, I was brought for foster care at our volunteer’s home because of my fragile health condition. I’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, arthritis, enteropathy, chronic alopecia. That’s why I look a bit hairless! The vet says I have chronic follicle damage.

However, I’m pleased to announce that under foster home care, I’ve gained weight! I’ve been pampered with a diversity of food – I am a queen who doesn’t take repeated meals, ok? I’m getting lots of treats too, which I totally deserve. Speaking of being a queen, check out my handsewn dresses. I have quite a collection of lovingly designed and handsewn dresses from my hooman subjects.
Another new thing this old lady has are weak hind legs! So I am getting joint injections and going to rehab sessions soon!

Even though I look grouchy sometimes, I’m so happy and grateful to be with hoomans who love me and didn’t give up on me. I began my life under a random truck in a Punggol carpark, but now I’ll live out my golden years in the comfort of a home! Would you like to support my care needs? If so, do considering sponsoring me or supporting Kibbles with your purchase!

Thank you!


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