Message from Rose

Hello everyone!

I'm Rose the calico girl! I'm about 5ish years old and all the hoomans tell me I'm the prettiest and sweetest girl at Metta.

My best friend is called Chicken and together we are Rose(t)-Chicken! I really hope we can be adopted together but it's ok if not, because I am super friendly with all cats. I love everyone, cat and human alike! I am a big fan of cuddles and headrubs and my favourite hobby is giving and receiving attention.

Life at the Metta shelter has been good these days. Last week, my doggo friends had a pawty! The hoomans wanted to bring the doggos out and give them a chance to reunite with their adopted friends. I heard it was soooooo fun and I'm a bit sad I couldn't go.

But I cheered up when the hoomans told me that I will have a chance to go for an outing next week with my bestie Chicken and two other cats! We will be making our first catto public appearance at the Furs and Feathers Festival next Saturday at Sembawang! I am so excited. The hoomans say they will dress me up! Please come and see me and say hi!

Speaking of saying hi, we recently welcomed some new kitty friends who were rescued from dangerous situations. I'm so happy that they are now safe with us. The hoomans are nursing them back to full health and then we'll be helping them to find good homes soon!

Alrighty that's all from me. I hope that you will visit us soon. I'm looking forward to giving you some nice head rubs and face bumps!

Meow Meow,
Rose, the calico girl

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