Message from Thursday

Hi everyone!

I’m the best day of the week, THURSDAY! Fun fact: the orange-white cats at Mettacats and Dogs Sanctuary are named after days of the week! Monday has been adopted and is living her best life; Tuesday has sadly passed on; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are still here waiting for our forever fams!

 Not to toot my own horn, but the hooman volunteers keep saying that I am such a loveable, handsome, energetic, fun-loving young boy (I’m around 5 years old!). I’m sure they know best, hehe. My hobbies are climbing up and down the grilles of my room, rubbing myself happily on humans and PLAYING. I’m an active sporty boy. One of the volunteers calls me the resident handsome jock!

By the way, I’ve actually been on an adoption trial before! My potential adopters said I was a very sweet, friendly and loving cat but unfortunately, their resident cat didn’t like me and started to get very stressed out, so they had to return me. So for any adopters out there – fret not! I’ve earned my stripes in a home environment and can do well!

I have some nice news to share! We recently welcomed a new doggo and catto. Their owner sadly had to give them up for very serious reasons. Well, I’m happy to have a new friend! The new doggo Mida and catto Gor Gor are both settling in well and have hearty appetites. Yay. In fact, Gor Gor is in the next room to mine so I see him everyday! Maybe I’ll introduce you to him next time, he is also very handsome and friendly and is sure to charm many hearts (like me, of course).

 Alrighty, I spot another hooman coming this way and I’m going to try to distract them. Hope to see you soon! I’m Thursday but you can come here any day of the week to see me! (But please make an appointment first, thank you!)


With Lots of Purs and Meows,

Thursday, from Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary


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