Message from Vanta!

Hi!! My name is Vanta and I'm a petite princess!

I'm a rescue so nobody really knows how old I am... Hmmm... Estimated 6 years old?

I'm very happy because my favorite hooman Terry (who runs this shelter which is my home!!) now lets me sleep on his bed hehe. I share the space with fellow petite princess Wednesday. We are getting along well and becoming good friends!

Anyway, there is a slightly sad reason why I was brought out of my enclosure to Terry's room....

As you know, Metta has relocated to The Animal Lodge and the new space is absolutely tiny so I now have to share my space with many many other cats. And because I'm so small, I am always last to get to the food :(

The other bigger cats also step on me when I'm trying to snooze and I felt so intimidated that I kept hiding in a corner :( I love my pleasant, clean, bright new home but unfortunately it's really small.

But, there is some silver linings! Now I get to roam around Terry's office and I make sure I greet everyone politely at the reception area.

Everyone exclaims over how small and cute I am, hehe. And I really like my fellow roaming kitty friend Wednesday too. Maybe we can be adopted together if we are lucky! A girl can dream, right?

Would you guys like to come visit me and meet all of us?

We are all settling in very well and we are so thankful for Kibbles in supporting us generously all this time! Please DM us @mcds_adoptions if you'd like to arrange a visit!

Love, Vanta

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