Message from Venus

Hello I'm Venus the Doggo! I'm a 5 year old boy who has been at Mettacats and Dogs my life. In fact, I was born here!

As you know, we recently moved to our new home in The Animal Lodge. Our volunteers worked so hard to make us all very settled and comfy! Me and my sister Virgo are very happy here. I recently heard that some generous sponsors donated many items to us - food, medicine, a new baby gate, and more! We are so lucky to have so many supporters. Including the awesome Kibbles!

I have some sad news to tell you too. Recently, we found out that the family who adopted Tam Tam had been extremely irresponsible and deliberately let him out of the house to roam the neighborhood. They promised that he would be an indoor cat, unless walked on a leash. They also signed our adoption contract which says the same thing. And yet they confessed they let him out after merely 3 weeks! We have spent weeks searching for Tam Tam but he has still not been found. By now, he might already be dead.

I'd like to give everyone a message on behalf of all my cat and dog friends: Singapore's dense and high traffic urban environment is VERY DANGEROUS to us. We may be playful and curious and want to run outside, but we don't know any better! It is your responsibility as a good pet owner to keep us safe from vehicles, other aggressive animals, rat poison, drains, crazy people and the hundreds of dangers outside the home that we would be exposed to when we run out unsupervised.

Many of us - like ME and Tam Tam - were born in the shelter and have zero street survival skills. Please, spread the word - my Mettacats brother Tam Tam might be lost forever, but I hope other pet owners will see this and remember to keep their pets indoors. If anyone has news on Tam Tam, please contact us @mcds_adoptions on IG or FB asap! [Link: ]

As for me, I am still searching for my forever family and I know I can trust my volunteers to find me a good, safe, loving home! I am a very active, cheeky, fun-loving and handsome boy and I would be a great companion to a patient and sporty family. I enjoy smooshing my cute face into the hands of people I love, so I hope my future fam will be affectionate to me too!

That's it for now, thanks for supporting Kibbles and us and I hope to welcome you at our home soon!

Venus, the doggie from MCDS!

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