Addiction Wild Islands Pacific Catch, High Protein, Salmon, Mackerel & Hoki-First Whole Prey Dry Dog Food (1.8kg/9kg)

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Fuel Your Dog's Wild Side with Addiction Pacific Catch

Does your dog dream of wide-open spaces and chasing fish? Unleash their inner predator with Addiction Pacific Catch, a protein-packed, whole prey-inspired dog food formulated for all life stages, including large breed puppies.

Packed with Nature's Bounty:

  • 40% Ultra-High Protein: Mimicking your dog's natural diet for optimal muscle development and energy.
  • Premium & Sustainable New Zealand Seafood: Salmon, mackerel, and hoki provide a delicious source of protein, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, as well as iron and vitamin D.
  • Nourishing New Zealand Ingredients: Green-lipped mussel for joint health, antioxidant-rich Manuka honey for immune support, and vitamin-packed kiwifruit for overall well-being.
  • Grain-Free & Low-Carb: Free from potato, corn, soy, and wheat, catering to your dog's digestive system.

  • Whole prey-inspired diet for a taste of the wild.
  • Low in carbohydrates compared to Addiction's Complete & Balanced range.
  • Enhanced with Chelated Minerals for improved nutrient absorption.
  • Taurine supplement for heart and eye health.
  • Cooked using a safe, low-temperature drying process for maximum nutritional benefits.

A blend of high-quality ingredients including salmon, mackerel, hoki, ocean fish meal, fava beans, pea protein, eggs, green peas, tapioca, chicken fat, yellow peas, brewer's dried yeast, flaxseed, green-lipped mussel, Manuka honey, kiwifruit, natural flavor, natural buffered vinegar, essential vitamins and minerals.

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