Aixia Dog KenKen Puro (65g - 3 variants)

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Dogs also have food allergies similar to humans, and 67.5% of dog owners know that they have food allergies (Aixia survey). Food allergy in dogs is said to be caused mainly by proteins contained in food, but which protein is different depending on the dog.

As food care for dogs with food allergies, it is important not to give the food that is causing them. It is considered effective to provide only one type of protein source suitable for each dog, and to give proteins that have been degraded to peptides and amino acids by enzymes etc. so that they are not easily allergenic.

The newly released "Menku Masu" (Muku) is food-friendly dogs, and the raw materials are made only with a single protein source of tuna. No colorant or coloring agent added.

Tuna / Skipjack tuna / Chicken fillet

Daily feeding amount is different depend on cat’s weight. It is recommended to feed with Dryfood (complete nutrition food).

  • Under 5kg: 1 can
  • 5-10kg: 1-1.5 cans
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