Aixia Kenko Pouch Oral Care (40g - 3 variants)

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A unique pouch food that suports feeding cats with oral issues. This range comes in paste, sauce & flake type. Contains Dentablock lactic acid bacteria to maintain health and improves immunity. Oligosaccharides increase beneficial bacteria and support intestinal health maintenance. Suitable for cats who are concerned about the health of their mouth.

Fish(Tuna, Tuna extract), Starches, Protein hydrolysate, Lactosucrose, Heat-treated lactic acid bacteria, Thickening agents, Glycine

  • Crude Protein: 7.9%min,
  • Crude Fat: 0.3%min,
  • Crude Fiber: 0.1%max,
  • Crude Ash: 1.2%max,
  • moisture: 90.9%max
Feed 1-2 pouch per day. It is recommended to feed with Dryfood (complete nutrition food).
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