Aixia Kenko Pouch Water Supplement (40g - 9 variants)

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Kenko-can pouch - a unique pouch food that is made close to the cat's bodily fluids, adjusting & maintaining fluid balance and the concentration of electrolytes (salts in solution), easing the regulation of osmotic pressure & the stress on organs. Supports the maintenance of cat's health.

Suitable for cats on dry food diet or cats not drinking enough water.

Starches, Protein hydrolysate, High-fructose corn syrup, Jelly agents, Glycine, Sodium citrate

Added Ingredients based on Flavors:

Tuna / Tuna extract / Shellfish/ Chicken fillet / Skipjack tuna

Feeding Guide

    Feed 1-2 pouch per day. It is recommended to feed with Dryfood (complete nutrition food).
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