Aixia Kin-can Pure Pouch (50g - 3 variants)

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Kin-can PURE Pouch - A single protein source, made for cats with possible food allergies. With only tuna/skipjack/chicken & tuna peptide/chicken peptide, you can feed your cats with a peace of mind.

Based on flavor:

  1. Tuna : Tuna, Tuna peptide
  2. Skipjack : Skipjack, Tuna peptide
  3. Chicken : Chicken, Chicken fillet peptide

  • Crude Protein, 12.4% or 11.4% (chicken)
  • Crude Fat, 0.2%
  • Crude Fiber, 0.1%max
  • Crude Ash, 1.3%max or 0.8%max (chicken)
  • Moisture, 86.9%max or 87.8%max (chicken)

Feed 1 pouch per day. It is recommended to feed with Dry food (complete nutrition food).

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