Anpanman Bouncing Ball

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Introducing the Anpanman Bouncing Ball – Your Pet's New Talkative Playmate!
Why this bouncing ball is a must-have for your furry friend :

  • Chat and Bounce: It listens, it talks, it bounces – a truly interactive experience!
  • Endless Entertainment: Keep your pet engaged for hours with its captivating bouncing ability.
  • Always Bounces Back: Resilient and ready for more, no matter how high the bounce!
  • Fun Conversations: Your pet talks, it talks back – a hilarious exchange for endless laughs.
  • Irresistibly Cute: Adorable design that appeals to your pet's playful instincts
  • Non-Stop Playtime: Designed to entertain for a long, long time,
  • Bouncing Magic: Watch as it bounces on its own, adding an extra element of fun.
  • Interactive Bonding: Strengthen the bond with your pet through play and communication.

Bring the Anpanman Bouncing Ball home and let the talking and bouncing extravaganza begin!

Dimensions 15cm x 13cm x 14cm
Materials Microfibre, with electronics within
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