Anti-roving Pet Food & Water Bowl

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In life, there are the rovers; these are the ones who never sit still, always trying to push the boundaries and go forth into the unknown; and there's this: the rooters.

This food bowl is guaranteed to change your rover into a rooter. No longer worry about the possibility of a dropped kibble in an unknown area; with the anti-slip ring built into the design of the bowl (which can be removed for functional cleaning), you can rest easy now knowing that all kibble droppings will be localized and easy to clean up!

Get the anti-rover today!

*Note: Picture on the bowl could defer from those illustrated here, but will still be cute :)

Suitable for pet size
M: 3kg (kittens & puppies)
L: 3-7kg (adult cats & miniature dogs like poddle)
XL: 7-14kg (medium sized dogs like corgi)
XXL: 14-28kg (large dogs like golden retriever)
Materials 201 Stainless Steel + Rubber

 We care for your pets, but more importantly, we care for you too.

The small moments matter. #Kibblesfamily.

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