BNDC Pet Stroller 103 for Cats and Dogs (4 Colors)


Introducing the BNDC 103 pet pram, weighing a mere 6kg and crafted with an aluminium alloy frame capable of supporting a maximum load of 15kg. Its lightweight yet durable design is complemented by a versatile detachable basket, providing multi-use functionality. Boasting large zippered ventilation windows, including a front window zipper, this pram guarantees optimal airflow and visibility for your pets. With a hassle-free one-click, one-handed folding mechanism and adjustable handlebars, it ensures effortless maneuverability and customization. Safety is paramount, and our pram includes a safety fastener to secure pets inside, along with an extra storage basket compartment for added convenience. Moreover, equipped with a dual shock absorber wheel system, this pram delivers a smooth and comfortable ride, making it an ideal choice for pet owners seeking a lightweight, adaptable, and secure transport solution for their furry companions.

Product Highlights:

  • Lightweight and small, only 6kg
  • Aluminum alloy frame with maximum 15kg load capacity
  • Detachable basket, multi-use
  • Large zippered ventilation windows, and front window zipper
  • Easy folding with one click, one handed operation
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Comes with safety fastener to ensure safety of pets inside the pram
  • Extra storage basket compartment
  • Dual shock absorber wheel system
Dimension :

Basket Size: 67cm*32cm*26cm
Expanded Size: 98cm*51cm*66cm

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