BNDC Pet Stroller 106 for Cats and Dogs (2 Colors)


Introducing the state-of-the-art BNDC 106 pet pram, weighing just 8kg, designed for both lightweight maneuverability and stability. Built with an aluminium alloy frame supporting a maximum load of 15kg, this pram offers durability and reliability. Its versatile detachable basket, providing ample and comfortable space for your pet, serves multiple purposes. Boasting large zippered ventilation windows and a front window zipper, it ensures optimal airflow and visibility for your furry companion. The one-click, one-handed folding mechanism, coupled with a pull rod design enabling easy wheeling while the basket is detached, ensures effortless handling. Adjustable handlebars further enhance customization, while a safety fastener guarantees your pet's security within the pram. An extra storage basket compartment and a dual shock absorber wheel system ensure additional convenience and a smooth, comfortable ride. Perfect for pet owners seeking a blend of functionality, comfort, and safety, our pet pram stands as an ideal solution for transporting and accommodating your beloved pets on the go.

Product Highlights:

  • Lightweight and stable, weight 8kg
  • Aluminum alloy frame with maximum 15kg load capacity
  • Detachable basket, multi-use, comfortable large space for you pet
  • Large zippered ventilation windows, and front window zipper
  • Easy folding with one click, one handed operation
  • Pull rod design allows frame to be easily wheeled around while basket is detached
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Comes with safety fastener to ensure safety of pets inside the pram
  • Extra storage basket compartment
  • Dual shock absorber wheel system
Dimension :

Basket Size: 56cmx34cmx24cm
Expanded Size: 101cmx33cmx76cm

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