BOW WOW Cat - Salmon Jerky (20g)

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Bow Wow Salmon Jerky Cat Treat is prepared by a special method of tenderising a cat's favourite ingredients ― fresh Salmon fish.

Salmon fish is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, hence enhancing your feline's skin and coat health.

It is added with extracted rice embryo bud which would help to reduce the smell of cat's feces. This treat also has added fibre to support the removal of hair ball easily.

Bow Wow cat treats are prepared with a variety of functional ingredients including Taurine, Vitamins, Minerals etc. for your cat's overall health.

Each 20g pack contains 5 jerky sticks.

Salmon, Fish, Fiber, Wheat Gluten, Wheat Flour, Taurine, Odor block, Vitamins & Minerals etc.

Crude Protein (min.) ― 24%
Crude Fat (min.) ― 3.5%
Crude Fiber (max.) ― 3.0%
Crude Ash (max.) ― 7.0%
Calcium (max.) ― 0.3%
Phosphorus (max.) ― 1.2%

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