BOW WOW Milk & Calcium Biscuit (220g)

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Product Features

  1. Calcium and whey powder are added to help maintain bone and teeth health.
  2. By adding 23 kinds of vitamins and minerals (vitamin A, iron, etc.), it helps to live an active life.
  3. By adding yucca extract, which has a deodorizing function, it helps to reduce the smell of stool.
  4. Baked in the oven, it boasts high palatability with its crunchy and fragrant taste, and its small bite-size size is suitable for education and training.

Grains, sugar, palm shortening, whey powder, vitamin and mineral mixture (vitamin A, iron), yucca extract, glucose, corn starch, baking powder, refined salt, vanillin powder, phosphate mixture, milk flavor, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, Purified water

Crude protein 8.0% or more,
Crude fat 8.0% or more,
Calcium 0.02% or more,
Phosphorus 0.1% or more,
Crude fiber 3.0% or less,
Crude flour 2.0% or less,
Water 12.0% or less

Feeding guide (Biscuits)
Each pet is unique and feeding amounts will vary with age and activity. Please refer to feeding guide below and adjust amounts accordingly. Always provide your pet with fresh, clean water

Breed size

Recommended amount (pcs)



5 - 10kg

15 – 30

10 - 25kg

30 – 60



Store away from exposure to moisture or direct sunlight for a long time, and store in a cool and shaded place after opening.

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