BOW WOW Mini Cat Stick - Lamb & Chicken (20g)

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Bow Wow Mini Cat Stick in Lamb & Chicken is made with fresh Lamb sourced from Australia and New Zealand. It is added with Tuna (Katsuobusi) to enhance its palatability.

This treat is soft, easily digested and has high nutritional values.

High in Protein and Low in Calories, this is a great snack suitable for weight-watching cats to control obesity.

The Bow Wow Mini Cat Stick in Lamb & Chicken also has added fibre to support digestion and easy removal of hair balls.

Moreover, there is Taurine included for its antioxidants and overall heart health function.

This delicious snack comes in a 20g pack, containing 3 individually wrapped cat sticks.

Lamb, chicken breast, tender meat, sugar, gourd, smoked tuna powder, sorbitol, glycerin, acidity regulator, refined salt, methionine, taurine, powdered fiber, levan fiber powder (fiber), vitamin and mineral mixture (vitamin A, iron), soybean oil , Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Propionate, Caramel, Food Color Red No. 40

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