BOW WOW Mixed Cheese Sandwich Cut (120g)


This Bow Wow Mixed Cheese Sandwich Cut is an all-time classic and well-loved treat among many pets for years. Complete your pets’ meal or playtime with this simple soft snack. Packed with real meat with no artificial flavourings. It is deliciously fuss-free and it will leave a big grin on your pets’ faces. Bow Wow mixed cuts are made with wholesome quality ingredient. They are easily digested, low in fat, calories and salt – making them a healthier indulgence!

Key benefit

  • Reduce the rate of LDL in the blood serum
  • Prevent obesity
  • Can be used for training or reward
  • No burden to the heart and kidney
  • Reduces odour from your pet's feces or pee
  • Improve liver function

Chicken, salmon, tender meat, cheese, grains, gourd, wheat gluten, sugar, sorbitol, emulsifier, spinach powder, beef seasoning powder, vitamin and mineral mixture, refined salt, acidity regulator, potassium sorbate, food color red No. 40, food coloring Yellow No. 5, food coloring mixed green

Crude protein: 15.0% or more,
Crude fat: 2.0% or more,
Calcium: 0.1% or more,
Phosphorus: 0.3% or more,
Crude flour: 6.0% or less,
Crude fiber: 2.0% or less,
Moisture: 35.0% or less

Feeding guide
Each pet is unique and feeding amounts will vary with age and activity. Please refer to feeding guide below and adjust amounts accordingly. Always provide your pet with fresh, clean water

Breed size

Recommended amount (g)









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