BOW WOW Mumargin Cube Jerky Chicken (400g x 2)


BOW WOW Mumargin Cube Jerky Chicken has a high protein content, good nutrition, and is rich in essential amino acids, helping to grow. Minimize nutrient destruction by low temperature drying method. With soft texture, you can feed for dogs of all ages. Insect protein added.

Salmon, wheat flour, white sugar, skim soybean meal, emulsifier, sorbitol, wheat gluten, insect protein, chicken liver, beer yeast, refined salt, acidity regulator, rosemary extract, potassium sorbate, Food color.

Crude Protein - 14% (minimum).
Calcium - 0.1% (minimum).
Phosphorus - 0.1% (minimum).
Crude Fat - 3% (minimum).
Crude Fiber - 4% (maximum).
Crude Ash 5% (maximum).
Moisture (35.0% maximum).

Suitable For Dogs.

Feeding Guide:
Puppy - 20g.
Small - 30g.
Medium - 50g.
Large - 100g.


  1. This product is only for companion animals. Do not feed to others.
  2. Please avoid the product from humid or direct sunlight place, and keep the product in a cool and dark place when after use.
  3. Occasionally there could be white or black spots on the surface of product it is from raw materials from ingredients that you can feed safely.
  4. If the products are spoiled, please contact us and exchange the products.
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