BOW WOW Singapore Style Chicken Breast Jerky (70g)

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What is Singapore-style jerky? Finely ground and dried meat without being tough. This is a traditional Singaporean processing method to make soft jerky. Dried at low temperature to minimize nutrient destruction. We use 95% chicken breast.

It is a soft jerky suitable for cats, infant dogs, and elderly dogs with weak teeth. Healthy jerky with mild flavor that is not irritating.

Chicken Breast Meat, Sorbitol, Emulsifier, Refined Salt, Potassium Sorbate, Seasoning.

Crude Protein - 40.0% min.
Calcium - 0.03 % min.
Crude Fiber - 1.0% min.
Moisture - 30.0% min.
Crude Fat - 1.5% min.
Phosphorus - 0.2% min.
Crude Ash - 5.0% max.

Feeding guide
Each pet is unique and feeding amounts will vary with age and activity. Please refer to feeding guide below and adjust amounts accordingly. Always provide your pet with fresh, clean water

Breed size

Recommended amount (g)



5 - 10kg

40 - 60

10 - 25kg

60 - 120



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