Japanese Fish Print Bowl

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The Japanese are known for having a lot of seafood in their diet, and cats are known to love seafood.

Guess what: match made in HEAVEN.

With this cute and great looking Japanese Fish Print bowl, your little kitty will be enticed not only by the smell of the food in the bowl, but by the print too!

Kibble’s feed bowl are intricately designed with Japanese koi fishes and waves to mimic the artisan and atmosphere of Japanese traditional festivals. This zen design also makes the bowl fit into any corner of your house, beautifying it with a taste of Japan. Comes in blue and green.

Dimensions 13cm Diameter x 10cm Height. Bowl Depth: 6cm.
Materials Ceramics
Volume 300ml of feed/water

Let the 3 meals a day of your pets be a special affair! Your pets deserve nothing but the best!

The small moments matter. #Kibblesfamily

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