Kit Cat Freeze Dried Yogurt Yums - 8 Flavours (1g x 10pcs)

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Treat time has never been more delicious with Kit Cat Yogurt Yums! Featuring a recipe crafted with fresh premium ingredients freeze dried to perfection, these light and crunchy snacks are sure to bring a delightful experience to your kitty friends. With each one individually sealed for maximum freshness, this treat contains added prebiotics to aid in digestion while boosting overall immune system!


  • Bond through hand feeding 
  • Improve gut health 
  • Nutritional boost as a meal topper 

Product Highlights

  • 100% Grain & Gluten Free 
  • Promote Digestive Health 
  • Rich In Probiotics 
  • No Artificial Colour or Preservatives 
  • Crafted by Freeze Dried Technology
  • Sealed Individually for Freshness


Original - Blueberry - Cranberry - Pumpkin - Strawberry - Apple - Egg Yolk - Cheese

Whole milk, Chicken meat, Cheese

  • Crude protein ≥18%
  • Crude fat ≥10%
  • Crude fibre ≤3%
  • Crude ash ≤,6%
  • Moisture ≤,6%
  • Energy 3900 (kcal/kg)
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