KONG Halloween Puzzlements™ Hideaway

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by Kong

KONG Halloween Puzzlements Hideaway satisfies instincts with multi-sensory tricks AND treats for endless enrichment variety. The tethered pumpkin and bat reward curious cats with KONG North American Catnip-packed swatting fun while fluttery feathers spark play. Decked with Halloween details, the crackly trunk invites healthy full-body wrestling.

Multi-sensory tricks AND treats provide endless Halloween-themed enrichment variety with a tethered catnip-packed bat and pumpkin inside to discover and swat, intriguing feathers and a crackly trunk to prolong play. -

Product Highlights:

  • Adorable features provide multi-sensory enrichment variety
  • Tethered toys inside reward curious cats
  • Crackly trunk invites full-body wrestling -
  • Feathers spark hunting instincts
  • KONG North American Premium Catnip in pumpkin and bat prolong play
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