NurturePRO Pawsoft Tofu Cat Litter 7L (Soya)

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Superior-grade, 100% biodegradable tofu cat litter in a natural aroma that leaves your home smelling fresh all day, every day. This eco-friendly product is 99% dust free, leaves no tracking marks and is gentle on your kitty’s paws.

With a natural tofu scent, Original Tofu Cat Litter is an effective counter to the stench of ammonia. Used cat litter is easily removed with a non-stick formula and fast clumping action.

The Tofu Cat Litter Advantages:

  • Sponge-like absorbency
    With high level ob absorbency, less refills are required.
  • Kills Harmful Bacteria
    Minimizes the fish of infections and diseases caused by a dirty litter box.
  • Dust No More
    Cats and their owners with breathing difficulties benefit greatly from a dust-free cat litter.
  • Mother Nature Approved
    Flush the litter down the toilet bowl without having to use a plastic bag to dispose it.
  • No Tracing Marks
    Keeps your home spotlessly clean as the cats won’t track their mess everywhere.
  • Excellent Clumping Power
    Locks in the moisture into hard lumps that are easy to scoop.

Tofu, Corn starch
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