Paws & Prickles Cactus Cat Climber

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Introducing the Paws & Prickles Cactus Cat Climber!

Tired of your kitty causing "purr-fect" chaos at home? Our Paws & Prickles Cactus Cat Climber is here to save the day! This prickly paradise is the ultimate solution to keep your furball entertained and your furniture scratch-free. Get ready for cactus-crazy cat capers!

Why Choose the Paws & Prickles Cactus Cat Climber?
  • Strong and Stable Base : Sturdy enough to handle the wackiest cat acrobatics, even the ones that land with a thud!
  • Can Handle the Weight : Designed to withstand the antics of a 3.5 kg cat, so it won't topple over when your furball goes wild.
  • Scratch-tastic Sisal : Made from durable sisal, it's a scratching post that can outlast even the most determined claws.
  • Good for Claw Maintenance : Your cat's claws meet their match! Say goodbye to shredded curtains and sofas.
Give your feline friend the gift of endless amusement with our Paws & Prickles Cactus Cat Climber. Your cat will be so busy having fun, they won't even have time to plot world domination (or at least domination of your favorite chair).

Order now and bring the desert vibes into your home, minus the sand! Get ready for hours of cat-astrophic fun!

Dimensions                                    80cm x 45cm x 40cm
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