PiddlePal Super Pee Tray (2 Colors)

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Introducing the "PiddlePal Super Pee Tray" - Because Accidents Happen, But Cleaning Up Can Be a Laughing Matter!

Why Choose the PiddlePal Super Pee Tray?

  • Deep as the Ocean (Well, Almost): Our PiddlePal Super Pee Tray boasts a generous depth of 5cm, making it the perfect catch basin for even the most enthusiastic pee-ers. No more worries about overflowing accidents - we've got you covered!

  • Feet Stay Dry, No More "Eww": We know how dogs can get a little too excited during their potty breaks. That's why our PiddlePal features a cleverly raised top layer, ensuring your pup's precious paws stay dry and avoid any unwanted "eww" moments. Happy feet, happy pup!

  • Stay Put, No Slip-n-Slide: We've got the "woof" on traction! The base of our PiddlePal Super Pee Tray is equipped with anti-slip material, keeping it securely in place even if your furry friend decides to do a little pee dance. No more wobbly trays or impromptu sliding competitions!

  • Dismantle, Wash, Repeat: Cleaning up has never been easier (or funnier)! The PiddlePal Super Pee Tray can be easily dismantled, allowing you to give it a thorough wash and keep it squeaky clean. It's like solving a puzzle, but with pee - a guaranteed laughter-inducing experience!

  • Size Matters (for Pee, of Course): Our PiddlePal Super Pee Tray offers ample space for your dog's relieving needs. With a dimension of 65cm by 49cm by 5cm, it's the perfect playground for your pup's potty adventures. Go ahead, let the pee flow freely!

Accidents happen, but with the PiddlePal Super Pee Tray, you'll be prepared for anything your furry friend's bladder throws your way. With its pee-catching depth, raised top layer for dry feet, anti-slip base for stability, easy dismantling for washing, and spacious dimensions, this tray will make potty time a breeze. Say goodbye to messy mishaps and hello to laughter-filled cleanup sessions. Order your PiddlePal Super Pee Tray today and let the pee-perfect moments begin!

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