Purr-spective Tower

Introducing the "Purr-spective Tower" – Where High-Flying Cats Reach New Heights in Style!
  • Multi Floor Marvel: Your cat's playground just got an upgrade! The Purr-spective Tower is a multi-floor masterpiece that takes feline fun to soaring heights. It's not a cat climber; it's a cat conqueror!
  • Hangs on Doors Like a Pro: Tight on space? No problem! The Purr-spective Tower easily hangs on doors, saving valuable floor real estate while turning any room into a cat's majestic kingdom. Who said royalty can't be space-efficient?
  • Focus and Feline Fun: Watch your cat's eyes light up as they focus on the heights they can conquer. It's not just a tower; it's a cat's personal Everest, with added giggles and whisker twitches along the way.
  • Corrugated Carpet Comfort: Soft, corrugated carpet fabric makes each level a purr-fectly comfortable perch for your regal kitty. It's the feline version of luxury penthouses, where comfort meets the climb.
  • Mixed Materials, Maximized Fun: With mixed materials designed for scratching satisfaction, the Purr-spective Tower ensures your cat's claws stay sharp and stylish. It's not just a climber; it's a cat fashionista's dream!
  • Easy Assembly, Happy Cat: No rocket science here! The Purr-spective Tower is a breeze to assemble, making sure you and your cat can start the high-flying adventures in no time. It's assembly made easy – just like a catnap!
  • Easy to Move Around: The Purr-spective Tower understands the need for a change of scenery. Easily move it around, giving your cat a fresh perspective on their kingdom. It's cat royalty on the go!
  • Comfortable Kingdoms Await: Each level is designed for regal lounging, ensuring your cat's comfort is always a priority. The Purr-spective Tower isn't just a climber; it's a comfortable kingdom where your cat reigns supreme.

    Bring the Purr-spective Tower home – where climbing meets comfort, and every feline fantasy takes flight! 🏰🐾

    Assembly Dimensions : 1660mm x 645mm
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