Soft Caress Washing Brush (2 Colors)

$1.94 Regular price $3.90

Fill 'er up! Wash 'em down! This nifty little hand-sized bathing tool for your pet is the perfect companion for an easy day's bath for your pet!

Not only are the bristles soft enough for the human skin, it helps to unknot any matted fur your furkid might have, while giving them a nice full body massage.

Unscrew the top knob, fill it up with soap water, and go to town on that furkid. Your pet will thank you later. 

6 reasons why you should buy:

  1. Perfect size and weight to grab with one hand
  2. Your pet gets a good massage
  3. Penetrates deep into the coat
  4. Saves shampoo
  5. Good for the environment
  6. Value for money
Dimensions 8 x 5 cm
Materials ABS, TPR Plastic
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