Taki Classic Series - Chicken Breast (10 packs)

by Taki

The TAKI Chicken Breast pet treats are made with the highest quality protein that has been freeze dried. This process ensures that he product retains all of the essential nutrition that is needed for good pet nutrition.

The chicken breast is a lean protein with a low fat content. This makes it easier to digest when consumed. These treats contain vitamins B3 and B6, phosphorous, and selenium. Vitamins and minerals like these make it a great source of food for your pet.

Product Highlights

  • Can be rehydrated
  • Stable shelf life - 12 months at room temperature in a cool, dry place, in the packaging, avoid direct sunlight
  • 100% product of Singapore - made in-house at NUDE Seafood
  • No additives
  • Perfect as pampering treats or meal toppers

100% Chicken protein

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