Taki Signature Series - Wagyu Steak (12 packs, 120g)

by Taki

The original superfood. Beef is an excellent source of nutrients, such as protein, high levels of vitamin B, iron, zinc and fat. All necessary for core functions such as carbohydrate metabolism, energy production and regulation as well as to help facilitate enzyme functions in the gut.

Cutting-edge freeze-drying technology retains 97% of the fresh food’s nutrition while adding a satisfying crunch.

Product Highlights

  • Can be rehydrated
  • 12 conveniently-packed treats
  • Stable shelf life - 12 months at room temperature in a cool, dry place, in the packaging, avoid direct sunlight
  • 100% product of Singapore - made in-house at NUDE Seafood
  • No additives
  • Perfect as pampering treats or meal toppers

100% Beef premium protein

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