Television Scratcher

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Unleash the purr-sonality with our Television Scratcher – where classic TV meets modern scratch-tastic fun!

High-Quality & Eco-Friendly:
Crafted with love from biodegradable, environmentally friendly corrugated paper. Mother Earth approved!

Honeycomb Heaven: The honeycomb-type thickening makes it sturdier than a cat with nine lives – strong, durable, and ready for some serious scratching action!

Claw-Safe Zone: Your cat's claws are VIPs here! Our scratcher won't hurt a single claw, ensuring a painless, guilt-free scratching extravaganza.

Retro Vibes: Take a trip down memory lane! This scratcher is not just a furniture saver; it's a 60's TV set throwback. Your cat's scratching in style, darling!

Spacious & Cozy: It's not just a scratcher; it's your cat's cozy corner. The spacious interior is a catnip-infused playground, cozy enough for your feline friend to feel secure.

Cats Are the Stars: Move over, Hollywood! With the "Paws & Pixels" Television Scratcher, your cat takes center stage in their own retro reality show. Action, drama, and maybe a catnap or two!

Don't miss out on the ultimate blend of nostalgia and feline fun! Grab the Television Scratcher – where scratching meets style!

Dimensions 43.5cm x 33cm x 22.5cm, Can hold weight up to 9kg
Materials Corrugated Cardboard
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