Unicharm Pet Deo-Toilet Refill Wood Pellets (4L)

$15.71 Regular price $25.00
From No.1 Cat Litter System in Japan, Unicharm Pet Deo-Toilet Refill Pellets (Wood) is a non-clumping litter that designated for Deo-Toilet Cat Litter System, only required change ONCE a month. It made with natural coniferous tree chips (*used wood waste plated trees), preventing unpleasant smells from urine. Cylinder-size pellets with water repellent surface does not scatter easily and hardly sticks to cat’s paws, make scooping easy.
  • Change ONCE a month
  • Natural pine scent to prevent unpleasant smells
  • Anti-Tracking, Non-Stick
  • Designated for Deo-Toilet Cat Litter System
  • Made in Japan
Product Materials: Wood products, water repellent, antibacterial agents
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