Furry Dino Plush Toy

$9.86 Regular price $12.90

Does your furry one feel in need of a new companion?

This plush might be the answer you are looking for. Tall, durable, and incredibly cute, this dino can stand the constant attention of your pet, while still being exceedingly snuggleble.

It makes a sound when pressed in the right places too, great for keeping your furry one's attention!

Of course we know that these plushies can never replace you in the eyes of your pets, but they do serve as a good companion and cuddle buddy when you are away from the house. Now you can leave the house with a peace of mind!

The small moments matter. #Kibblesfamily

  • Medium: 25cm (200g)
  • Large: 35cm (300g)
  • Outer: Fluff
  • Stuffing: PP Cotton
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