We Think You Will Love These!

We Think You Will Love These!

Healthy and yummy meals
Playtimes are besttimes
Go crazy over these!
Comfortable and soothing
Bring fun to mealtimes!
Wholesome and nutritious
Play with me hooman!
Your kitties will jump for joy!
A comfortable perch
The place to go for business

"Water Lily Cat Tower" - A Blossoming Haven for Your Furry Feline!

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"Monster Fluff-Blaster Dog Bed" - The Coziest Lair for Your Beastly Bestie!

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Reviews From Customers

We have a Cocker Spaniel with an itchy skin issue. We keep her well protected with flea medicine, but she still winds up itching a LOT. I give her special baths with soap specifically for the itching. It gives her a day, maybe two of relief. Now enter EverRoot Dog Skin and Coat Supplement Liquid Packs!


I have switched my dogs' foods many times and have never had any issues with quality. Their shipping is the quickest I've ever seen as well. If there has been any issue, such as ripped bags of food or damaged product, they are quick to reship out a new item at no cost. Their customer service representatives are always friendly and helpful as well.

Sarah Koh

My 17 year old poodle passed away on August 25. I have been a Kibbles customer for many years. I called the next morning to cancel my auto shipment of food. Today our family received a dozen of the most beautiful roses I have ever seen with a note of sympathy. This company has been nothing but helpful during our years of association.

Jane Lee
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