DDHouse - PVC Pole Multiple Perches Solid Wood Cat Gym


This product is specially made as an exciting playground for Cats!

This cat house dedicates only a small space at home with an extra space for your pet's daily activities at home - from just simple relaxation and sleeping, to being playful and also keeping fit through a form of exercise by climbing up the "tree" or jumping up to different levels of the gym-like structure.

This in return, will keep them occupied and entertained without having the need to wander around housing equipments such as curtains, clothes and furnitures.

It also having 3 different top platform and two pet house, it is ideal for medium and large sized cats with individual places for curious observation. Your dear pets could have their naptime in the roomy house at the top which will be preferred for a hiding place as well

Most importantly, this Cat Tree Condo will eventually enhance the safety of your pet. This definitely is worth the buy for your kitty!

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