Our Founders

Andrew Lim

Andrew is the founder of Nibbles and has always had a soft spot for animals. His passion for animals has made him make several interesting choices, including listing “setting up an animal shelter” as one of his life goals in his resume (Thankfully he still got the job!), At his most recent corporate stint, Andrew ran fundraising, deployment, and asset management as the Director of a venture capital firm.

Andrew has the quality of not being able to sit still. Bitten by the wanderlust bug at an early stage of life, he has spent time studying and working in China in his early twenties. He then decided that was not enough, so he went to pursue an MBA in Paris, where he chugged wine and learned what time to say “bonjour” and “bonsoir”. All these experiences helped him to get nice corporate jobs, but he realised something was still missing in his life.

Since he was a little boy, Andrew had always loved animals and wanted to help the needy ones. However, after observing several animal shelters, he realized their struggles to raise funds and attract volunteers needed a more sustainable solution.

One day while looking at his fur babies (1 dog, 2 cats), he was suddenly struck by a flash of inspiration – why not turn his passion for animals into his occupation? Upon doing further research he realised that the Singapore pet-welfare scene could do with some additional life, and so he embarked on the journey of creating Nibbles.

The goal? Seeing the power of business to do good, Andrew wants to create a business that has a positive social impact, in addition to caring about its bottom line. So that more and more cats and dogs can feel the love!

Jessica Natalia

Hey this is Jessica, and I am from Indonesia. I am a businesswoman with a strong passion for marketing and female entrepreneurship.

I believe that female entrepreneurship can bring many social benefits, including empowering women to become self-sufficient, promoting gender equality and improving the overall status of women in society. It also helps to create job opportunities for women and provides a means for women to contribute to the economy. As such, I made it a point to regularly share my entrepreneurship experience with the female community in Indonesia so that they are less afraid of starting out on their own.

Before joining Nibbles with Andrew, I owned several businesses, one of which is an online store in Indonesia called The Goods Paw, where I sell pet supplies and I have been running it since 2020. I have a strong track record and a wide connection to the pet communities in Indonesia. The Goods Paw is well-known and has a loyal customer base. My experience in running my own business has helped me gain valuable skills that I now bring to Nibbles to accelerate its expansion into the huge Indonesia market and to build a one-stop pet supplies and services store in Southeast-Asia.

My interest is not only limited to business but also extends to animal welfare advocacy. I am passionate about providing the best for our furry friends and I am always looking for ways to improve the lives of animals. I spend my free time giving food to stray cats and dogs on the street and visiting the local dog shelters to donate food. I believe that every animal deserves love and care, and I want to do my part in making the world a better place for them. I am dedicated to making sure that the products we sell at Nibbles are of the highest quality and that they meet the nutritional requirements of our customers’ pets.

Aside from my work at Nibbles, I am also a proud parent of one dog and two cats, all of whom are either adopted or rescued from the harshness of the streets. My pets bring me endless joy and they are a constant reminder of why I love animals so much. I also love to travel, and I believe in balancing work to stay fresh and motivated. I am a person who is always looking for ways to improve and grow, both personally and professionally.

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