Message from Espresso & Hazelnut


We are Espresso and Hazelnut! We are 5 months old.

This week we were v happy to hear that our mummy is recovering well from her sterilisation in her new home!

Our sister and brother have also been adopted by another wonderful family. They are eating a lot!

We are so hopeful that we will have our turn soon. We would love to be adopted together!  

We love to play and we have a LOT of energy. Feather toys are our fav! Chasing balls too! We love it when volunteers visit us and we will pester them to play with us! They cannot resist our cuteness!

We also love to climb! If you want to adopt us, pls keep us safe by catproofing your windows cos we still young and blur blur and might fall out of open windows.

We're eating more and more. Our shelter papa Terry says we are growing fast! But other volunteers say our ears still bigger than our head so still very kittenish.

Come play with us soon please!


Meowing with love,
Espresso and Hazelnut
Metta Cats and Dogs Sanctuary

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