What you need to watch out for to know if your dog/cat is sick

What you need to watch out for to know if your dog/cat is sick

What you need to watch out for to know if your dog/cat is sick

Our pets are our companions for life; we adore them as much as they adore us. I mean, who doesn't want to cuddle with them all day and night? They are our furkids after all. And, much like children, and as much as we want them to be healthy all the time, like human bodies, they break down from time to time and fall sick. But fear not! There are telltale signs which your pet will display when your little one is feeling a little under the weather. Here are some that you should look out for:

1) Your pet has a loss of appetite

This applies to both cats and dogs. Your furkid may be feeling unwell if there is a sudden change in appetite, usually if they start eating less or stop eating altogether. While it might be normal for cats to eat a little less from time to time, for puppers, it's more of a worry. Take note of the amount of food being consumed for both species; if you notice a trend of lessening appetite in your cat, that may be a worrying sign that your pet might be sick. As for dogs, should there be a lessening of the eating, it might be a good time to get your local veterinarian involved.

2) Your pet is experiencing a change of personality

You understand your pet better than anyone else. Spending day after day with your pet is a surefire way of getting to know your furkid inside and out, and notice any behavioral changes that may be outside of the norm. Both cats and dogs can go through behavioral changes when under stress of being sick; cats can go from a happy-go-lucky kiddo to an aggressive, and sometimes more apprehensive cat. As for dogs, a sudden change from a high octane, energetic little canine to a sullen, agitated dog might be a sign that your dog has something that might require the attention of a vet, so take note of these changes in their behaviors. Even humans go through mood swings when we feel sick, what say our pets?

3) An upset stomach

Upset stomachs are an easy way to find out if your pet is sick. Vomiting, diarrhea.. Nasty business, really. This might indicate a sickness in your pet, an anomaly that would make your pet feel like whatever it puts in is interfering with its ability to heal. Check for changes in your pet's stools; and if possible, bring a stool sample for your vet as it would help diagnose what problems your pet is facing. In the meantime, do remember to ensure that your pet drinks enough water to keep it from dehydrating. (Speaking of which, I should get some water.. Oh water, where are you..)

4) Lethargy

Pets are normally a bundle of energy (less so for cats, but still). Bring out a toy and most healthy pets go bonkers; nothing like a good run or a good play sessions to get the juices flowing after all. However, if you do notice that your pets are somehow just that little bit more tired, or just a little more sleepy than usual, these are normally signs to look out for. If you see this happening, there is a chance that your little furball is feeling a little under the weather, and a checkup at the vet will be a good idea. It would be a good idea to also keep your pet nourished and hydrated, so do take care of those needs too.

5) Bad Breath

I mean, come on. Pets don't normally have great smelling breath to begin with, be honest. However, when the stink goes to an all new level of "whew", that's when you know that there might be something else that is bothering your pet. Stinky breath can be a sign of two not-so-great things: kidney or liver disease. The inability of your pet's internal organs to filter out toxins and all that nasty stuff might be the reason for the bad breath, and if so, bringing your pet to a checkup will be a good idea.


So there you have it, five things to look out for to ensure that your furkid is living its best life. Do remember to take care of your own health, as it would directly influence how well your pet would live with you as well. You and your pet deserve the best, so live your best, and live it well.

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