Message from Wednesday

Hello! I’m Wednesday the Cat and I’m sure I’m about to be your favourite day of the week!

Wow the humans have been soooo busy here at Metta. Everyday there is tons of commotion – throwing things, cleaning things, packing things – so noisy! Luckily I have a super sociable and kaypoh cat so this is all very exciting to me. The humans tell me I must stay in my room but I love to rush out whenever the door is opened and go check out what the rest of Metta is up to. There’s so much going on!

The humans keep talking about moving. I think we are relocating from our home of several years, to a new location! They said it’s called The Animal Lodge at Tengah. I wonder if I will like it. Hmm. I hope they are spending enough time to design the space for me and my friends. They told me that there is gonna be a fun new cat play area for many of us to hang on. I’ll keep all of you posted on whether the humans have done a good job! But if you’re curious about why we’re moving, you can read about it here!

Ok, back to me! Can you tell, I love attention! But everyone says I look like a pretty, petite little fox so naturally I am very loved and adored here. Unfortunately there are sooooo many other cats so I don’t think I’m getting as much attention as I deserve? I like my friends here though. I love to groom them and get groomed by them, hehe. I’m a social butterfly!

I have some good news for all of you! Recently we found homes for a few of my cat friends! The young black cat Tam Tam passed his home trial with flying colours and is now in a very happy home with a young, active family! And all of our 4 kittens have found loving homes too! They all got the snip-snip recently too hehe.

But as we found homes for our friends, other cats have recently also found homes with us. Terry and our volunteers took in some cats that were in bad situations. One of them was left behind at Lim Chu Kang when the people looking after him left. So sad! His name is Butter. I can’t meet him yet cos his vet appointment to snipped is coming up. He is such a handsome ginger boy. I am sure he will like me a lot. :wink:

One last thing! My humans recently put out a call for volunteers and sponsors for items we really need for our relocation and so many people came forward! We are all so grateful. We are still looking for more volunteers to do some heavy lifting, so please pop over here if you’re keen!

Thanks everyone! Remember to come say hi to ME after we move!

Wednesday, the prettiest cat at Metta

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