Message from Woofie

Woof Woof!

Hi everyone! my name is WOOFIE! I am Mettacats and Dogs' resident mature hunk. I'm the definition of ageing like fine wine - despite being 11+ I am still as fit and sporty as a puppy and as good-looking and charming as a movie star! In fact, my favourite hobbies are running, playing and melting hearts! BTW, I am also HDB approved if you’d like to join MY pack. hehe

I was abandoned by my previous owner who left me at Metta and promised to come back for me. I waited one... two... three... four... five and now six years but he never came back and has been uncontactable. It's ok! I am super good-natured and cheerful and I am optimistic that I will find my forever home! The hoomans at Metta love me a lot and pamper me with extra treats (hehe), walkies and special outings!

Speaking of outings, I heard a rumour that the hoomans will be planning a special Doggie Day Out for us soon. I'm so excited! Anyone wanna sponsor some treats for our outing from Kibbles? Hehe

I also have some sad news to share :( We recently lost two kitty friends, Hoonie and Vanta. Hoonie was a senior cat who bravely battled FELV for many years before he went to kitty heaven. He was so friendly and warm even when he was unwell, and would always come to the entrance of his enclosure to greet the hoomans. Vanta was a lovely younger cat who was previously featured in Kibbles' newsletter last October. She got ill and spent quite some time at the vet but sadly she didn't make it. We miss these two sweet friends very much.

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you to Kibbles and all of you for your support! Without your help, we wouldn't be able to care for friends like Hoonie, Vanta and of course, ME! If there's anyone who loves sporty, fun, easy-going doggos, please come and meet me! I will be your best friend :)

Love from Woofie,
Metta Cats & Dogs Sanctuary

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