Anti Dander Brush Set

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Swiggity Swuggity, I am not a furry. To be honest, anyone who owns a pet is a furry to a slight degree... Wait. Did you think I was referring to THAT furry? No no no, I meant a person who has fur ON them. Get this brush and you will be a furry no longer!

Easy to use, and easy to clean, it is all you need to get rid of those stubborn dander that sticks to everything.

Material: ABS + Polyester


Small  6.0cm x 3.0cm x 13.5cm (75g)
Large 7.6cm x 5.0cm x 33.0cm (250g)

 Loving your pets do not mean you have to compromise on your own well being.

The small moments matter. #Kibblesfamily

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