BOW WOW Hansang Tteokgalbi Pork (80g)

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BOW WOW Hansang Tteokgalbi Pork is high quality nutritious treat made with fish meat based milk gum and fresh pork as main ingredients. It's MSG free.

Pork, wheat starch, vegetable glycerin, sorbitol, fish meat, dongae, brown rice, canola oil, powdered skim milk, whey powder, lecithin, Refined Salt, Milk Flavor, Emulsifier, Sunflower Sugar, Acidity Control Agent, Color Mix CA, Potassium Sorbate, Rosemary Extract, Purified Water

Crude protein 20.0% or more,
Crude fat 2.0% or more,
Calcium 0.01% or more,
Phosphorus 0.2% or more,
Crude fiber 3.0% or less,
Crude flour 4.0% or less,
Moisture 30.0% or less

Feeding guide
Each pet is unique and feeding amounts will vary with age and activity. Please refer to feeding guide below and adjust amounts accordingly. Always provide your pet with fresh, clean water

Breed size

Recommended amount (pcs)



5 - 10kg


10 - 25kg




  • Store in a dry and cool place. After opening, there is a risk of deterioration, so feed it as soon as possible.
  • Please observe carefully so that puppies under 6 months of age or dogs with weak digestive system do not swallow whole.
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