Dog Walking Harness with Leash (4 Colours)

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Collars and leashes can be a rather painful experience to doggos who still have yet to learn how to walk with one, so instead of using that, why not train them to walk.. with a wonderful doggie harness?

Dog harnesses are wonderful substitutes as it will not hurt their throats while they learn not to pull at lines, are perfectly molded to their shapes so they don't slip their leashes, and are actually really comfortable for them.

Hey, it might even give them a feel of what it's like to skydive (for future skydivers out there, or on a dare).

  • XS/Chest diameter 28-42cm/2-4kg/1.5 meters
  • S/Chest diameter 40-50cm/4-8kg/1.5 meters
  • M/Chest diameter 50-62cm/8-14kg/1.5 meters
  • L/Chest diameter 60-72cm/13-23kg/1.5 meters
Materials Nylon and fabric

Make every walk a memorable and enjoyable experience for both you and your pets.

The small moments matter. #Kibblesfamily

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